Kathmandu is an international city. Many people from around the globe come here to stay and work with international agencies. Some come for traveling up around the himalayas for a month or so. Some come for a short stay of a week or less. Some  stay here for good. And, on top of all, people from 75 districts of Nepal are residing here for a reason or more as it is the capital of Nepal. For whatever reason you all stay here, you stay with your teeth. Tooth is a  regular worker  which has to work 24/7. While working without any pause for years and years, trouble comes. So, to tame the trouble your tooth faces, A dentist in this crowded city is needed.


Whom to show? where to go? how much to pay? is he next to the building, a community or household or neighbourhood  you are living ? how is his clinic’s presentation? how does his patients say about him?

Dental Filling ,  Root canal treatment , white crown, tooth caps, Complete dentures, removable dentures, scaling (cleaning of your teeth ), implant, bleaching or whitening of your teeth, treatments for Swelling or white patches or ulcers, minor surgery , aesthetic fillings, white fillings, rebuilding fractured tooth, tooth removal, putting wires to correct crooked teeth and more. These are the everyday works of every dentist. No one is perfect in this universe. If H/she says I have zero error, it is false claim.   But , yes, frequency must be very less (in failure or incompetence) with your dentist while doing these.

Forty lacs plus people live in Kathmandu. So dental clinic here are also innumerable to cater these people.  So, work rush, unhealthy competition, compromised care, not good hand works are also possible among it in this sea of businesses and health care.  Somewhere big boards are displayed but service inside is unsatisfactory. Someone flashes his long list of degrees, but work is poor. This thing is universal- happens not only in Kathmandu . So. to help you choose the best dentist at your convenience, we are here.  Try to use this platform to find a best one among many by being all the details we have posted here.

Search your location or area and find your dentist. S/he is just a call away, a click away or just an appointment away.

We hope S/he will treat you well by helping to get rid of your dental problem. And, next time you will go straight to him for the best service S/he catered last time.

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